Saturday, 13 April 2013

Inspiration: Spring … der Frühling!

It's here! Finally!
Feels so good to turn to our garden again for inspiration :-)

Er ist da! Na endlich!
Es ist so schön, sich die Inspiration wieder aus dem eigenen Garten holen zu können!

Gardener's notes: 

Top left: Mini Lent Lily/ Narcissus assoanus
Top middle (+ middle row right + bottom left): Chess Flower/ Fritillaria meleagris
Top right + bottom middle + bottom right: Fritillaria persica
Middle row left: Hyacinth/ Hyacinthus orientalis
Middle row, middle: Sea-Buckthorn/ Hippophae rhamnoides

Oben links: Mini-Osterglocke/ Narcissus assoanus
Oben mitte (+ mittlere Reihe rechts + unten links): Schachbrettblume/ Fritillaria meleagris
Oben rechts (+ unten mitte + unten rechts): Persische Kaiserkrone/ Fritillaria persica
Mittlere Reihe links: Hyacinthe/ Hyacinthus orientalis
Mittlere Reihe, mitte: Sanddorn/ Hippophae rhamnoides

P.s.: And what happened to the new website? It's not ready yet – well, life got in the way …
First the flu, then working on some commissions, then the Easter hols and last week I had to stay in hospital for a small surgery. I'll have to recover from it a bit – but after that I'll be very happy to get into full working mode again!

P.s.: Und was ist jetzt mit der neuen Website? Naja, sie ist noch nicht fertig – es soll wohl irgendwie gerade nicht sein … 
Erst die Grippe, dann ein paar Aufträge, dann die Osterfeiertage und letzte Woche mußte ich für eine kleine Operation ins Krankenhaus. Ein bißchen davon erholen muß ich mich noch – aber dann bin ich echt froh, wenn ich wieder ganz normal arbeiten kann!


  1. Wow, wonderful flowers from your garden Eva! Love to see spring everywhere!! have a good recovery, and of course your site will be great!!

    1. Thanks, Miranda! Hey, you've been quick with looking :-) Enjoy the sun in Holland!
      (They promised us 23 degrees Celsius for tomorrow!)

    2. I just saw it on FB! yes we will have over 20 degrees too tomorrow, hurray :-)

    3. :-)
      Really cannot get enough of it at the moment!

  2. Heia, beautiful, would love to see what you come up with from these.

    1. Hi Virginia, I am actually borrowing the colourway for another design right now …
      And I am tempted to do a design with the Chess Flowers, really love them!

  3. The Fritillaria have a fabulous colour and texture! Wishing you a fast recovery and more days of pattern and flower filled spring :))

  4. Beautiful spring flowers. Hope that your recovery goes well, take of yourself. I am still waiting for the warmer weather, too far west.

    1. Thanks, Heloise. Hope spring will come to you soon!