Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Abundance – Sommerfülle

While I was away, our garden has grown into a rambling beauty. I am happily collecting shapes, colours and scents of summer …

Während ich weg war, ist aus unserem Garten eine wuchernde Schönheit geworden. Mit Freuden sammle ich die Formen, Farben und Düfte des Sommers …

Hyssop – favorite plant for bees, bumblebees, moths and butterflies
Duftnesseln – sehr beliebt bei Bienen, Hummeln und Faltern aller Art

Hollyhocks – Stockrosen
Beard tongue – Bartfaden

Zinnias – Zinnien

Indian cress – Kapuzinerkresse 

Sunflowers, brown and golden – Braungoldene Sonnenblumen 

Caigua – Inkagurke

Sea pink – Grasnelken

Ipomoea – Kaiserwinde


  1. Love it all. Wonderful garden surprise, wasn´t it?
    Here we have Beardtongue, sea pink and, still a long way to grow, but on its way, hollyhocks. One month more and I hope my garden will be in full bloom too.

    1. Hope spring ill come to you soon. It feels strange to think that you're winter now …
      Do you know the caiguas? Asking because they are from South America and very rare over here – but obviously loving it in our garden :-)

  2. Lovely to see your garden in Summer Eva! I loove stokrozen too, but they don't wnat to grow in our garden :-/ .... great zonnebloemen en oost indische kers too!!!

    1. I am learning dutch now ;-) hoera!
      Yes, it's a very different place in summer :-)