Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Kid's pattern once again :-)

"Woodland Home" collection

It's been quite a while that I worked on designs for children – so I loved to design these fabric patterns for the "Child's Play Fabric Challenge" on Minted (fabric for nursery decor). Today I'll share part one of my submissions, my "Woodland Home" collection. As you can see, it is inspired by my surroundings! It's always nice to know where things come from so I am posting my mood board for the collection as well. I thought of the beautiful forests around here and all the stories and fairytales about what is "deep in the forest" – aiming to translate this magical atmosphere into fun and whimsical patterns. All handdrawn, working with vector for a change.
Please vote for my designs if you like them! Thank you so much!

"Woodland Home" inspiration board

"Deep in the Woods" – please vote for it here

"Woodland Stripe" – please vote for it here

"Woodland Foxes" – please vote for it here

"Little Forest Folks" – please vote for it here

I will share part 2 of my submissions soon – the "Space Travel" collection – so please stay tuned!

A BIG thank you those who take the time to vote on my designs! It is truly appreciated! Voting will be open until Tuesday, October 6.

P.s.: As you see this is yet another blogpost about a competition … I am really getting into Minted and because they curate their collection of licensed designs through an ongoing series of competitions it looks like there will be more vote asking in the future. I have to find a way to make this not too annoying, not sure how to do that yet …???
On the other hand it gives me the opportunity to show more of my work – with commissions and designs for outright sale this often is not possible. So in the end there's something good in this voting system too :-)

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