Friday, 4 September 2015

The Minted x Domino Art Challenge

Here we go with the next contest :-) I am really having a contest summer! This one is for wallart again, and this time round Minted has partnered with the wellknown american interior design and lifestyle magazine Domino. So the chosen works will be sold as art prints on both Minted and Domino, a fab opportunity! Here's a selection of the works I submitted. Votes welcome, like always ;-) Voting is open until 7pm on Tuesday, September 8 (central european time). Thank you so much!

First up here's a woodcut inspired by the poetry of New Zealand writer Keri Hulme and by old Maori myths. It is part of an ongoing series of woodcuts that aim to capture the rough and wild New Zealand coast as well as the poetic narratives. I've got a lot more sketches … waiting for an opportunity to carve and print them soon, hopefully. You can vote for it here.

"The Heart within"

"Rooted in Beauty"

I have paired my woodcut with a botanical study of a piece of root. I love doing these studies from nature … observing and drawing and observing again is almost like a meditation in paint. If you like it, please vote for it here.

Speeking about meditation here's a kind of river meditation. It started as a handpainted watercolour landscape that I later on manipulated digitally to highlight the mysterious atmosphere and the beautiful reflections of the river Lahn. The link to vote for it is here.

"River Reflections, soft sepia"

"Dark Romance 3"

I paired this with a drawing of Whitby Abbey. It seems very different but for me it is related by it's mystery vibe. In fact, Whitby Abbey is one of the settings in Bram Stoker's novel Dracula. I do have a dark side! ;-) I am interested in all things Dracula as my diploma project (all these years ago …)  was a series of etchings to illustrate the novel by Bram Stoker. The drawing of Whitby Abbey is part of a series of three drawings and was done while staying in Whitby for some dark autumn days. I really could feel the dark and magic athmosphere creeping up on me there … Please vote for it here.

I love to join model drawing events if I can find them. It is good practice and a lot of fun and a good way to connect with other artists. These two watercolour and wax crayon studies were done in a model drawing club in London, held in a beautiful old mansion in Waterlow Park, Highgate. They are two of my faves and there are a lot of good memories are attached to them too :-) Please vote for them here (Blue Figure) and here (Seated in Blue).

"Blue Figure"
"Seated in Blue"

Finally I'll show you two more classic watercolour paintings:
a peaceful and soft landscape done in Flanders, Belgium. Please vote for it here.

"The Willow Twins"
"Colour Energy"

And finally a colourful and fun painting of summer flowers … that I did simply to admire their beauty. Here's the link to vote for it. Thanks so much!

Hope you like my submissions! If you'd like to see all of them, just hop over on my facebook page, I will post them all there.  
You can find the contest website here. There's an amazing amount of submissions. 4841 in fact! Lots of beautiful and interesting works to see … please wish me luck!

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