Tuesday, 20 October 2015

More inky stuff for Inktober 2015 …

… yes, I am still at it! It is fun mostly and I really manage to stick to my plan: to be spontanious, no planning beforehand, no gathering references. I just sit down and do whatever flows out of the paintbrush. Sometimes I don't know what to draw, and some drawings don't turn out sooo very good and then it feels a bit stupid to post them on Facebook … but on the other hand I've surprised myself quite a few times with what appeared on my sketchbook pages!
Here's my inky week:

My sketch from above is a little hommage to my childhood home as I had been visiting there. I come from a mountain region called "Vogelsberg" which would be "Bird's Mountain" in english. And no, there was no snow yet, but it was freezing cold …

And finally I ended up in the forest again … let's see where next week will lead me too!

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