Friday, 9 October 2015

October is inktober!

This October I decided to take part in an online art project called "inktober". You basically sketch something with ink for every day in October and post it online. For quite a while already I had  dreamed of getting into a daily sketch routine – so I thought this is my chance to try out if I can manage to stick to it everyday? Loving it so far … but ok it does take up time … let's see what I'll say at the end of this month!
For now here's my Inktober drawings 1-8. I am really amazed about what comes up on my sketchpad when I sit down and just start without a plan. Today I ended up deep in the forest :-) … wondering where this project will lead me to!

I post my drawings every day on my Facebook page. If you'd like to see them come here and follow me! And all kinds of artists from everywhere around the world are taking part in this project. If you search Facebook with the search term #inktober you'll find a lot of different styles and subjects, so fun! And you can find #inktober on Instagram and Pinterest as well.
More to come here on the blog at the end of next week! I'll then do a round-up again … hopefully! …  if I manage to stick to the project …

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