Monday, 2 November 2015

#Inktober, week 4 and wrap-up

Inktober, week 4! I am surprised myself how much I enjoyed doing this drawing challenge. It was really good to see what my mind came up with without a brief, a concept or any kind of preparation. I almost got a bit addicted to my daily painting practise. I built myself a ritual … I was either drawing right in the morning, before the day really starts, or late at night just before bedtime. Both times when it is quiet and I am really relaxed (and a bit sleepy still in case of morning practises). If I hadn't been relaxed yet I quickly transfered into that state. It was almost like a little meditation every day. Here is what I came up with – and sometimes surprised myself with:

No idea where the Wise One came from …?

 The Lady of the Lakes is based on a personal memory
of visiting the Lakes of Killarney in Ireland and feeling
"at home" at first glance, like being one with nature.

 I did this after looking at a lot of eastern european folk art
pictures on Pinterest in the morning …

 Nightswimming … sweet summer memories on a foggy autumn day!

 Here's our little black devil cat having fun
with pumpkins … slowly getting into Halloween mood.
And more spooky stuff as follows:

And I just had to put them all together in one picture,
so here's my whole Inktober:

Challenge completed! Thinking about doing a painted advent now … maybe …

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