Monday 28 March 2016

Happy Easter! … and an early Easter present

Just popping in to wish you a good one! (Quickly, before it's already over again …)

And to show you my early Easter present …
Last week, the results of the Minted Drawing and Sketching Challenge from January were reveiled. Finally!
And I had a fab double surprise:
My aquatint etching "The Melancholy of Stones" won! It came up 7th within the top 20 winners.
And my watercolour "Lush Coast Kenmare Ireland" received an Editor's Pick!
Thank you so much everybody who might have voted for me! And thank you, Minted editors!

Both works will be for sale as art prints on Minted soon. My Minted Wall Art collection is growing :-)
You can find out more about the challenge and see the gallery of all winners here.

Now off to have a very lazy second Easter day tomorrow :-)
Wishing you all a nice bit of sunshine and some time to relax and be together with family and friends!

Friday 18 March 2016

Revisiting an old love

This week I've done my first two stationary designs since 16 years! It was a lot of fun! Have to do this more often.

Guess what I did it for? Yes … they are for a new Minted challenge: the "Sweet Celebrations Quickfire Kids' Birthday Party Invitation Challenge". This blog is becoming a kind of Minted blog lately ;-) I am still pretty happy that I started working with them and I love how the challenges make my creative muscles stretch!

The brief is for all kind of kid's party invitations really. But it mentions some special interests:
photo card designs (as well as having personalizable text areas they are as well customizable with people's own photos) and designs for autumn birthdays. I love all things spooky! So here are my invitation designs:

"Spooktacular Wreath"

"Spooky Gallery"

I hope you'll like them! And like always, votes are very welcome! (Please just click on the title of the images, that'll lead you to my submissions on the Minted site.)
I am curious really if I can manage to get into the Minted Stationary Collection as well …???
Voting is open from now until Tuesday, March 29. Thank you so much :-)

P.s.: And now you wonder why stationary is an "old love" of mine? I used to do a lot of stationary designs when I was living in London around the year 2000. I was freelancing for Camden Graphics (which is now a part of UK Greetings). It was a fab time and I loved to work in their Islington studio. Oh sweet memories :-)