Thursday 31 December 2015

Letting go of 2015 … happy new Year!

There's a little program on Facebook that does a review of your last year. Here's what I got … I love the random selection of images that came up. I think they very well represent my year 2015.

New Year pirates (originally done for kid's fashion) and a notebook design from Bootcamp.
Easter hares and my first editor's pick in a Minted comp, the "Lady of the Orchard".

 My "Rooftop Garden" pattern (Fabric 8 Contest semifinalist). Another win on Minted, the "Willow Twins".

One of my Inktober drawings. My bestselling print on Minted, the "Cloud Symphony" from Donegal.
A snapshot in November. And 2 sketchy advent angels.

2015 has been a good year.

I had a nice mix of commissions, graphic design as well as illustration/ surface design, which kept me quite busy throughout the year.

Did MATS Bootcamp and MATS B (again) in winter and spring. I complained a lot about not having enough time for the courses … but still … after MATS B I felt like walking through a door, or up to the next level. I guess I only realized a bit afterwards how much I'd learnt.

Had my first intern in spring, an interesting experience. I must get back into teaching soon!

Let go of a few aspirations that didn't feel right anymore. Maybe this was the reason why some other doors opened up quite unexpectedly?
Found out that taking part in competitions can be quite fun and isn't always a waste of time – if you win :-)

Did my first month-long drawing challenge with Inktober. Had a lot of fun with it and often surprised myself with the subjects/themes I came up with. But it took up way more time than I expected, and I often yearned to "do something more" with my sketches, which then would take up even more time.
So … no "Art Daily" for me in 2016. But I can well imagine to do 1 or 2 monthly drawing/painting challenges per year.

To round up the year, I sold a good number of art prints via Minted in the holiday season. Such a great feeling! Thank you all!

In general my work got more painterly, more free flowing, less cluttered. Which I love! I feel way more confident about my work and my direction than at the beginning of this year.
When it comes to favourite subjects I love painting/illustrating anything with animals. I am a confessing romantic. And my Minted success rekindled my love for landscape painting as well.
I too realized that I now can switch quite effortlessly from illustration to graphic design to surface design and back again. With tasks as varied as coming up with a communication/advertising concept for a local health centre to designing patterns for kid's fabric this is a great gift for me! It opens up so many possibilities :-)

Ok, 2015, and now … there you go …
I'll raise the anchor of my little pirate ship and go looking for new adventures in 2016! Happy New Year everybody!

Wednesday 23 December 2015

Merry Christmas everybody!

Wishing everybody a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Will be leaving very early tomorrow so I am signing off now. Back next week. Looking forward to some quieter days "between the years" …

P.s.: The scene above is completely fictional! It is sooo warm over here, almost like springtime. Wishing for snow really, but winter is postponed obviously …

Thursday 3 December 2015

Happy advent!

Now I wanted to do a painted advent this year. Like REALLY wanted to! But no way … like always in December I am far too busy with commissioned work. It's mainly graphic design projects at this time of the year.

I take my hat off to everyone who does an advent while working full time and full speed!!!
For me I think I will only manage to do this if I start early in autumn and work on it in advance …
Anyway, I wanted to share the bits I did for the 1st and 2nd of December. Happy advent everybody!

On another note the Cyber Monday sale at Minted is on still! 25 % off! It's extended until today (Thursday December 3rd) noon San Francisco time – which is 9pm mid European time. So only a few hours left … if you're interested my wall art hop over here NOW! And thank you so much everybody who already ordered :-)

Saturday 28 November 2015

New prints in my Minted store!

These pieces have recently been launched on Minted and are available as art prints now.

First up here's "Essential Garden", a series of mixed media prints. Papercut, monoprinting, drawing and digital. They're inspired by planting our rooftop garden. There's lots of good memories attached to this series, so it feels fab to see them in my store!


I had to add this screenshot as I really like how they look all together:

And then there's this piece, mixed media again, papercut, monoprinting, drawing, watercolour and digital: "Cactus Night", based on a memory of a peaceful summer's night. Available in three colourways, violet dusk, midnight blue and silver dawn.

An then finally here are my two wins from this summer's Minted+ Domino Art Challenge, now available too as Limited Edition Prints: "The Willow Twins", a dreamy landscape from Flanders …

 and finally "Seated in Blue", one of my all time fave model drawings :-) Really happy to see it on there!

Hoping you'll like them!

Tuesday 10 November 2015

A peek into my world and my new Minted store

Lately, I had fun choosing pictures for the "About me" section of my new Minted store. As the pictures give you a nice peek into my world I thought I'd share them here on the blog as well.  

First up, my go-to-medium, watercolour, and a floral painting in progress. I get a lot of inspiration from our rooftop garden, so it sure had to be included.

Ok, now let's go inside :-) Here's my studio! And another work in progress picture (preparing a monoprinting session).

Me sketching outside … love doing this! Our local Lahn river valley and the lake provide a lot of beautiful scenery for inspiration.

Some more work in progress shoots, again from monoprinting.

I fiddled way too long with the store's header picture … until I finally settled on another watercolour painting scene. For now, most of my wallart prints offered on Minted are watercolours, so I think this fits quite well. Here's a screenshot of my header and store. Come have a look inside! I hope you like it! More prints will be added soon!

P.s.: I am still shaking my head about all this … when I stumbled into my first Minted competition in the summer I didn't even know that I could win myself a store! I just thought it'll be nice to do something different – it was a competition for photography … and then I was totally taken by surprise when I won my first editor's pick and got included into the Minted wallart collection. A few competitions later I have 8 awards under my belt and Minted is just selling my first prints, yay!

Monday 2 November 2015

#Inktober, week 4 and wrap-up

Inktober, week 4! I am surprised myself how much I enjoyed doing this drawing challenge. It was really good to see what my mind came up with without a brief, a concept or any kind of preparation. I almost got a bit addicted to my daily painting practise. I built myself a ritual … I was either drawing right in the morning, before the day really starts, or late at night just before bedtime. Both times when it is quiet and I am really relaxed (and a bit sleepy still in case of morning practises). If I hadn't been relaxed yet I quickly transfered into that state. It was almost like a little meditation every day. Here is what I came up with – and sometimes surprised myself with:

No idea where the Wise One came from …?

 The Lady of the Lakes is based on a personal memory
of visiting the Lakes of Killarney in Ireland and feeling
"at home" at first glance, like being one with nature.

 I did this after looking at a lot of eastern european folk art
pictures on Pinterest in the morning …

 Nightswimming … sweet summer memories on a foggy autumn day!

 Here's our little black devil cat having fun
with pumpkins … slowly getting into Halloween mood.
And more spooky stuff as follows:

And I just had to put them all together in one picture,
so here's my whole Inktober:

Challenge completed! Thinking about doing a painted advent now … maybe …

Saturday 31 October 2015

Happy Halloween everybody!

Just a quick note to share my last #Inktober drawing! Challenge completed and I didn't miss a day :-) Will show you my whole inky week 4 on Monday. Right now I am too busy giving out treats and preparing stuffed pumpkins, and generally being spooky :-) Happy Halloween everybody!

Friday 23 October 2015

#Inktober, week 3

Hello, here' s week 3 of my inky october! I love how my sketchbook is filling up. I'll be calling this one my "book of ideas" :-)

Seeing lots of Christmas decorations in the shops (already!!!) made me think of Christmas carols. I could just stop myself giving wings to the singing girl … no way! It's only mid October.

No idea why I love painting horses? They come up every now and again. Probably I am drawn to their movement and the feeling of travel and freedom they evoke …

On Tuesday I doodled some folksy flowers … and that kind of set the theme for the rest of the week. Once hooked, one idea led to another. I will certainly work on further with some of these …

Now onwards to week 4 …Halloween week! I bet there will be some spooky stuff coming up …

Tuesday 20 October 2015

More inky stuff for Inktober 2015 …

… yes, I am still at it! It is fun mostly and I really manage to stick to my plan: to be spontanious, no planning beforehand, no gathering references. I just sit down and do whatever flows out of the paintbrush. Sometimes I don't know what to draw, and some drawings don't turn out sooo very good and then it feels a bit stupid to post them on Facebook … but on the other hand I've surprised myself quite a few times with what appeared on my sketchbook pages!
Here's my inky week:

My sketch from above is a little hommage to my childhood home as I had been visiting there. I come from a mountain region called "Vogelsberg" which would be "Bird's Mountain" in english. And no, there was no snow yet, but it was freezing cold …

And finally I ended up in the forest again … let's see where next week will lead me too!