Voting now!

The Minted Make A Statement Large Format Art Challenge

is a competition for art prints, including Minted's largest sizes yet: 48" x 70" (= ca. 122 x 178 cm). 

Please note: Voting has closed now on this competition.

We'll now have to wait on the results. To my experience this might take quite some time …
I'll just leave my submissions up here for a while for you to see:



"Blue Memory"

"I will dance through the Fire"

"She who knows"

"Those days of sun and air"

"Homage to Rahvis"

"Almost Pierrot"

"Here again, so softly"

Included in the competition there's a special "Figures & Form Award" (among other special prizes) for the most interesting artwork featuring a human figure in large scale. This is what really inspired me!
I imagine these figure/ fashion drawings would look intruiging in large scale on a wall – it would be great if my imagination would come to be reality …

I hope you'll like my submissions! Thank you so much for taking the time to look at my art!

P.s.:  This blog-page is my "Voting page". Here, I'll post my latest submissions to various design & art competitions. Nowadays, most of these competitions include public voting, so this is a way to show my work as well as to promote it.

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