Thursday 9 February 2012

115 feathers and a collection … 115 Federn und eine Kollektion

This is a peek into my sketchbook from last week, just one page. There are several pages like this – I drew 115 feathers altogether, all different …

Das ist ein Blick in mein Skizzenbuch von letzter Woche. So geht es noch ein paar Seiten weiter – insgesamt habe ich 115 Federn gezeichnet, alle unterschiedlich …

Feather drawings in my sketchbook
Gezeichnete Federn in meinem Skizzenbuch

As part of the Surface Pattern Design Course I received the brief to design a stationary collection for "Delicious", for a female, fashion aware and stylish target group.
My initial idea was "stationary > writing > quill > feathers" – but what kind of feathers? Here's where the "fun" always starts – so many possibilities … Selecting the motifs makes such a difference to the end product …
I ended up filling page after page in my sketchbook, settling on stylized feathers versus naturalistic. Finally I decided on 3 feathers with a slight 50ties look. 

Für den Surface Pattern Design Kurs habe ich den Auftrag erhalten, eine Papeterie-Kollektion für "Delicious" zu entwerfen, gedacht für eine weibliche, modebewußte und stylische Zielgruppe. Die grundlegende Idee war schnell da: "Schreiben > Schreibfeder > Feder" – aber dann ging der Spaß los – wie genau sollte die Feder aussehen? Unendlich viele Möglichkeiten … und die richtige Motivwahl ist so entscheidend für das Endprodukt …
Ganz schnell hatte ich seitenweise Federn gezeichnet – und mich gegen naturalistische Zeichnungen und für stilisierte Federn entschieden. Die engültige Auswahl: 3 Federn mit leichtem 50ties Look.

My selection – meine Auswahl

And here's how they turned out: my first stationary collection "like a feather"! 
Now I still have to figure out what to do with the 112 feathers I didn't use …

Und das ist draus geworden: meine erste Papeterie-Kollektion "like a feather"!
Nun muß ich mir nur noch überlegen, was ich mit den restlichen 112 Federn machen soll …

"Like a feather" – stationary collection – Papeterie-Kollektion
Ring binder file and pencil case – Ringbuch und Stiftebox
Diary and sticky notes – Kalender und Notizblock

Notebook – Notizbuch
Letter writing paper and envelope – Briefpapier


  1. Gorgeous collection, Eva. Lovely to see your work process. The choice of the motif is really essential to the end result. Having said that, why those 3 feathers? What's the choosing process made of? Am I wrong or is at that point that everything you already know gets together and makes "click", as if it were magic, when, in fact, it is previously processed formal and informal knowledge?

  2. Thanks, Bethania! It is indeed a kind of mistery how we really come to the decision to use exactly this – and not that … Thinking about it I guess it is mostly intuition, the subconcious working on it. And the subconcious is definitely fed on everything we know, we have seen or witnessed. I guess it is really that choosing moment that makes designing such an interesting process!