Monday 17 October 2016

Inky River (Inktober 2016, week 2)

My second Inktober week has gone pretty much local … one can see that our river valley is one of my main sources of inspiration. Let's go on a little river jaunt!

Day 9: "11 o'clock Bridge" features our main bridge over the Lahn River. It's a quiet spot on the evenings and nights and I love how you can see the fogbanks rolling in from the hills.

Day 10: "The Glowing Tree",  inspired by a bike ride when I saw these flaming yellow and orange trees on the riverbank. It was pretty strange to do this in ink only … must def revisit it in full colour!

Day 11: The "River Goddess" says hello … she just turned up …

 Day 12: I am calling this "River Goddess 2".

Day 13: This is a beautiful and sometimes a bit spooky spot on the riverbank, that we call "Owl Hill". It is a derelect quarry, now just a wooded hill with lots of rocks hidden inside, and it is home to several brown owls. When you pass by in the evening or night, you can hear their calls echoing through the sky. Sometimes – depending on the direction of the wind – you can even hear them from our house.

Day 14: "Owl River" – inspired by drawing no. 13. It shows a personal and not so very accurate map of my favourite part of the river, featuring one of the valley's brown owls.

"Floating" for day 15. That's what I always think when I come by this spot in the evening or night … The drawing shows our local castle, "Count's Castle", illuminated by spotlights and floating above the city.

Let's see what I will come up with next week!

Curious about what "Inktober" means? You can find a short explanation at the end of my last post, please just scroll down!

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