Sunday 4 December 2016

November Garden

The garden season comes to an end but there's still some beauty to discover. The reduced vegetation makes you notice the little things … I particularly love the various forms of seedpods and plant silhouettes that provide good inspiration for floral/ nature designs.

The spikey Lion's Tail stems look like spines, and sometimes like strings of pearls.

Delicate Bluebeard Seedheads. I love their soft colours against the greys and greens of the roof.

 Dramatic silhouettes and shadows of wild Yarrow.

Last Hyssop blossoms and seed umbels.

Two sweet guys that guard over our rooftop garden :-)

Our garden dragon can spit fire and is the work of my potter friend Baerbel.


This little forest scene was a fun discovery on the roof!

For the head gardener and his feline assistant it's time to sit in the sun, read a bit and just relax …

End of Season!


  1. Great post Eva! lovely to see your garden in all seasons, it is sooo wonderful every time. love these silhouettes too!!! Many compliments to the head gardener and to you! :-))
    Groetjes, also to Hendrik & Dikkertje!

    1. Thank you Miranda! Have told both, groetjes back! Happy that finally the head gardener was ok with publishing some photographs ;-)