Sunday 27 August 2017

Hello pattern, hello fabric!

It's nice to look at this part of my work again! It's been quite a while … The reason for revisiting pattern design is another contest, the Minted "Fabric Frenzy" challenge. Minted is looking for a wide range of designs for homedecor (both kids and adult) and kid's clothing. 
I'll be featuring a small selection of my submissions here in this blogpost. If you'd like to see all of them, feel free to look at my "Voting now!" page, I've listed everything over there (18 patterns in the whole).

Like always with Minted competitions, the selection of designs goes by public votes or by editor picks. So if you see something you like, please just quickly click on the image! That'll lead you directly to my submissions on the Minted page. Thank you so much! Voting is extended until Monday, October 2! (Please note: If you are not a Minted customer already, you'd need to set up an account on Minted to be able to vote.)

"Ocean Garden"

As I love anything that has to do with the sea, and especially the amazing beauty of underwater flora and fauna, designing these two patterns was very much my cup of tea. Both pattern were done for homedecor. "Ocean Garden" above is a handpainted watercolour pattern, whereas the elements of "Ocean life" below were done with papercuts. Both patterns would work especially well in maritime/ beach house style homes.

"Ocean Life"

"Soul Food"

My "Soul Food" pattern inspired by all kinds of root vegetables is pretty much mixed media: papercut, monotype printing and crayon textures are all in the mix, and finally I edited everything digitally. A fab pattern for for the kitchen or for table linens.

And here's some designs for children!

The first design up features a classic, the fairytale of "Little Red Riding Hood". I had lots of fun drawing the characters and all the lush nature elements. This pattern is aimed mainly at children's homedecor, but would work for kid's clothing as well.

"Knights and Dragons"

"Submarines Ahoy!"

Same goes for the two boy's patterns above, they work for kid's home decor as well as for kid's apparel. Both are quirky and handdrawn and had lots of fun doing them. I especially like my busy little submarine rescue boats, I hope kids will love them too!

That's my selection for today. To see more of my patterns, please hop over to my "Voting now" page!
To see all of the submissions to this compettition (4541!), click here!

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