Wednesday, 10 January 2018

The Time Between

Hello everybody, happy 2018!

Count's Castle during a short snowy moment in December 2017

It's been a long time since my last post … sorry for being so quiet! I definitely plan to go on with my blogging, but sometimes life takes over and there's simply no time. Or the time doesn't seem right. I'll explain in a minute!

For 2018 I plan to update my blog regularly again, aiming at studio-news (and sometimes life-news too) once a month. Let's hope for the best!

River Lahn in snow, again from December 2017

Ok, and what happend in the time between?

For the first half of 2017 I had been pretty busy, designing and painting, and taking part in various design and art competitions. All the while I was caring for my 90 years old parents and looking after two households, theirs and ours. By the end of August, I felt that I couldn't go on this way. I was running on empty. I didn't realize how the time was passing, I hadn't even really noticed that it was summer and beautiful outside, and that was at a point when summer was almost over …

So I decided to take some time off from artmaking. I planned on a month, but finally it added up to September AND October.

By November, I felt I was ready again. I had managed to get some of the most important things done that had been shoveled from one "to do" list to the next for too long. I had enjoyed a bit more of freetime. And – I guess most creative people will understand – I had seriously missed painting and designing. I've had more time, but became all cranky without creating.

A fantasy forest branch, painted last weekend

But then, when trying to start with my art practice again, I felt all rusty and somehow couldn't get into it again. Like I lost the connection. Or missed the bus. I started to question everything I had done before, and wasn't sure at all how to go on. Like a kind of creative block. I've never had anything like that before! And it took a long long time and lots of patience with myself to get into it again …

I am pretty happy that it's way better now, and that I am creating again. Mainly painting, right now. There's a new art contest on at Minted, so there's lots of art to show. I will post my submissions in the next days!

My Instagram: evamarion_art

As a last point for today, in November I've finally started an Instagram account! Sometimes it is easier to post just pictures … I post almost daily over at Instagram, and would like to invite you to follow me there! Here's the link:

Anyway, I hope to connect with you soon again!

Snowy Count's Castle, again from December 2017

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