Sunday 14 January 2018

Figure and Room

"Here again so softly" – roomset courtesy of Minted

There's a new art contest on at Minted, the Minted Make A Statement Large Format Art Challenge. Art prints sourced through this contest will be available at sizes up to 48" x 70" (= ca. 122 x 178 cm), so really big! 

I had been a bit intimidated by the large formats at first, and decided that this contest wasn't for me. But then I became very inspired by the contest's special "Figures & Form Award". Minted is looking for the most interesting artwork featuring a human figure in large scale. I imagined my fashion/ figure drawings in large size in a room, and felt that this might look intriguing …

Today I'll show you a selection of my submissions, a mix of older and new drawings/ paintings.

"Here again so softly", watercolor and gouache on paper.

"Here again so softly" – the abstracted painting above was inspired by a walk in autumn fog, observing other walkers emerging like ghosts out of the white nothing. I aimed to express this ethereal feeling, painting a figure that could be here, there or elsewhere, or just a fantasy …

"Homage to Rahvis" – roomset courtesy of Minted

"Homage to Rahvis", watercolor and ink on paper

My watercolor and ink drawing "Homage to Rahvis" above leads us back to the 1940ties and was inspired by Clifford Coffin’s photograph of an iconic Rahvis evening dress. I aimed to weave my own story around it and created a reduced, delicate and dreamy drawing, imagening this young lady being in anticipation of a glamorous ball.

"I will dance through the Fire" – roomset courtesy of Minted

"I will dance through the Fire", mixed media (gouache, ink and crayon) on paper.

These two paintings above and below are part of a series of 4, featuring the various strengths of women. I aimed to create expressive female characters that would be open to merge with the viewer’s own stories. The series is inspired by heroines from literature, theatre and film, by fashion and by astrology too.
"I will dance through the Fire", as seen above, is related to the astrological fire signs and symbolizes power, spirit, passion, resistance and initiative.
Whereas "She Who Knows" as seen below, is linked to the earth signs. This lady is an old soul, a strong, earthbound and wise character.

"She who knows" – roomset is courtesy of Minted.

"She who knows", gouache and ink on paper.

The reduced "Elegance" drawing below features a woman in a ball dress, highlighting the lightness and soft drape of her gown as well as the elegant lines of her pose. I drew her with just a few quick lines and some watercolor accents.

"Elegance" – roomset courtesy to Minted

"Elegance", ink and watercolor on paper

"Swift", as seen below, is a bit of a throwback into the 1980ties. Drawn with just some sweeping lines the drawing showcases the figure's elegant 80ties silhouette and the rich drape of the garments. A fab print for fashion enthousiasts as well as a good option for those who aim to add a softer vibe and an expressive touch to minimalistic interiors.

"Swift" – roomset is courtesy to Minted

"Swift", ink on paper.

That's my selection for today! To see all of my submissions, please just hop over to my "Voting now" page!

If you would like to support me in this contest, please just click on the images. That'll lead you directly to my submissions on the Minted page and you'll be able to place your votes. Thank you so much! A certain amount of winning art will be sourced through public voting, so through your votes! The rest will be chosen by the Minted Editorial Council.

Voting is now open and will close on Wednesday, January 24th at 10am PST. 
(Please note: If you are not a Minted customer or a Minted artist yet, you'd need to set up an account on Minted to be able to vote.)

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